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5Online is FranklinCovey’s self-paced, online sales solution designed to help you and your team become highly effective at on-demand convenience.

Flexible Online Sales Training

Welcome to Franklin Covey’s self-paced, online sales performance solution, 5Online. This online portal is designed to help you and your team become highly effective sales performers by providing on-demand audio training, video training, exercises, quizzes, and simple yet effective tools.

Sales Training For The Entire Sales Cycle

5Online has been organized into the four major stages of a typical sales cycle: Plan, Fill, Flow and Win. Users have the ability to start anywhere and go everywhere giving them flexibility to learn and apply the skills and tools at their own pace and comfort level.

  • Plan – Create an actionable plan to help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.
  • Fill – Fill your pipeline with promising prospective opportunities.
  • Flow – Determine which opportunities are worth pursuing.
  • Win – Identify and present solutions that truly meet your clients’ needs.

Lasting Performance Improvement

5Online was designed to enable sales professionals to make lasting behavior changes by following a process of learn, practice, apply, confirm and explore.

  1. LEARN: Learn key concepts and skills with step-by-step playbooks and powerful videos for each phase of the sales cycle.
  2. PRACTICE: Take part in a variety of pre-determined “role playing” exercises that allow you and your team to respond to clients more effectively.
  3. APPLY: Discover quick and easy actions that can be used before, during and after a client meeting to fully employ the tactics you are learning.
  4. CONFIRM: Monitor your progress along the way and complete brief assessments to test how effectively you and your team are performing and increasing your sales knowledge.
  5. EXPLORE: Access additional resources and tools to continue and expand your development.

Simple, Effective Tools

5Online offers several simple and practical tools to help sales professionals apply their newly acquired skills.

  • Call Plan
  • Readiness Assessment – download a copy
  • Qualification Checklist
  • Practice Cards
  • Prioritization Tool
  • Opportunity Worksheet
  • Decision Grid
  • Presentation Checklist

Join The Community

5Online allows users to collaborate with peers around the globe using features like Forums, Discussions, Groups, Blogs and Journal Entries.

Open Architecture For Maximum Flexibility

5Online’s open architecture makes it possible to deploy the platform’s tools and assets in your own learning management system (LMS), knowledge repository, and CRM so you can drive sales performance improvement using the tools you are already using.

Free, 14-Day Trial

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