Sales Coaching

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Sales coaching is key to creating a high-performance sales culture that delivers results

As a sales leader, you need to hit your number and you need your team to get better to do it. Where do you start?

Sales coaching is the key to creating a high-performance sales culture that delivers predictable, and sustainable results. And it’s clear that realizing practical, sustainable results requires deliberate practice.

At FranklinCovey, we understand how busy you and your sales teams are—so we have created a simple system to drive execution. We have developed expert-designed playbooks for every stage of the sales cycle to help you engage your team members in collaborative practice exercises that ensure accountability and sustained performance improvement.

By applying our award-winning Helping Clients Succeed methodology, we can help you enable your sales organization to achieve and sustain positive behavior changes over time.

We focus on providing effective sales coaching in the following key areas:

Skills-based coaching:
Are your sales teams applying the skills that they learned in the real world? What kinds of results are they seeing? How can you gain more insight into their experience?

Deal coaching:
How can your sales teams advance opportunities more effectively? Are they providing actionable insights, rather than simply asking questions? How are they helping their clients make a decision that benefits both your organization and the client?

Leader-based coaching (“coach the coach”):
As a sales leader, how can you act as a coach or co-coach to your team? How do you establish your credibility as a coach in addition to acting as a sales leader?